Challenges faced by a homeowner while getting their Interior designs done
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Challenges faced by a homeowner while getting their Interior designs done

Challenges faced by a homeowner while getting their Interior designs done & How you can overcome these Interior challenges

One cannot capture the essence of the happiness of finally buying a new flat or getting your old home renovated into your dream home. All those years of hard work and dedication have brought you to this point where you can turn your dreams into reality. Just one last step is remaining, that is to get your interior designing done. Now, you have a picture in your head/mind and want to construct the interiors of your dream home. All you need now is that perfect interior designer who understands your style and taste along with your requirements. 


Come to think of it, you would have realised the first challenge before we even began our explanation for the rest. Allow us some of your time and let us explain to you all the challenges faced while hiring an Interior designer and how we can solve it. 


  1. Interior designer with less experience: Choosing the right Interior designer is as important as choosing the right vegetable when you go to market. As you know the interior market is also when we go into the market as customers there is a variety of options to avail those services from hence making us confused and even sometimes making us choose the wrong interior designer. It happens, it’s natural. With a world full of options, it’s quite easy to be caught in a trap. And in the end, you end up hiring an inexperienced interior designer who could create a blunder.


  1. Not being aware of the designer who is available nearby:  There is confusion among clients to find the interior designer in their own region. They are not aware of the available interior designer and it creates a mess. Even if they can find a designer, they do not know whether the designer will understand their taste and requirements.
  2. Falling in the circle of networking: when it comes to interior designers there is a very high chance of the clients falling into the trap of networking and trying to arrange their designer through their friends and family. This decision can lead to disastrous results while designing your place. So remember to cross-check into the experience or eligibility of the designer you are choosing. Never let the fault of others destroy your love, in this case, your palace.
  3. No tool to measure the capability: To fit their budget, clients tend to choose the interior designer who quotes them the lowest. In this situation. There is no guarantee whether the interior designer would be able to execute your interior design as efficiently as he/she may not have the right tool. Maybe he’s inexperienced or maybe he’s not confident enough.
  4. Lack of communication: Communication is the most important key to a successful interior design. The more designer and client communicate the chances of getting your dream interiors increases drastically. The client should be confident enough to express his/her budget regarding the designs, this not only helps the interior designer to choose the right materials but also helps him understand what he has in hand and how he can make the best out of it
  5. Unrealistic expectations: Unrealistic expectations can harm you because you will not be able to provide a clear idea of what you want your place to look like and this may create a hindrance in the proper implementation of interior design. Also, the pictures you see on the internet, look simple, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to bring those pictures into real life. Therefore, having the clarity of your budget and your requirement is a must. As a homeowner, you should be very conscious and then set the theme in the style for your place.
  6. Only verbal communication: There is no written or visual communication while planning to design the place. This is another challenge that you as a homeowner would have to face, and this also creates another problem which is a lack of clarity of vision. Therefore, visual or written communication could add quality to your interiors.
  7. Lack of timeline:  The estimated time of each step is known as a timeline. Getting the correct timeline will not only boost the confidence of the client but will also help the interior designer to understand the deadline of the submission. The right Interior Designer will provide you with a proper estimated time for each step so that the communication is clear and so that there is no confusion ahead.
  8.  Lack of knowledge: As in examination, no student can appear without studying about the subject and pass. Similarly gaining knowledge about interior designs and its element will help anyone to understand the process clearly and also help him/her to explain his/her taste and requirements easily and hassle-free.
  9. Creating chaos: There are so many responsibilities over you as a homeowner, you have the pressure of completing the task, you are excited. There is a constant flow of emotions, and because of all these factors sometimes you may create chaos in your head or in execution. This is one thing you need to keep in mind, you have to be calm while making your dream house


The best point is the solution to all these problems is available on this platform known as 

Seedtree Collaborative! 

Seedtree provides a variety of professionals with their experience and expertise which makes it easier for the clients to choose the right interior designer. There are patterns set to keep all the communication clear between the client and the interior designer. Seedtree ensures that the correct timeline, budget, and materials are chosen for the best interest of both parties. The payment protection feature of Seedtree helps protect the clients and interior designers from any mishappenings. 

The best part is you can avail Interior Designers in your city without even getting out of your bed! 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a call with us and make your dream home come to reality. 

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