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AEC / 16.03.2021

It would give any professional immense pain to even look at the interrogation point raised above. Modern times have and will soon raise questions against even the mere existence of designers. Imagine yourself standing somewhere being lost in a mirror maze. All you see is yourself with no clue of the way out. I can vouch for the fact that there are ample people of the same fraternity going clueless about their future. Society today is not willing to pay AEC professionals, be it Architects, Interior Designers, or MEP or...

Entrepreneur / 16.03.2021

The year 2020 started with a thunderstrike for most of the world population. In the face of the global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus, designers had come to crossroads and most of them are still at standstill. As the pandemic raged, many of us had to go through the painful experience of losing on the projects and this wasn’t the case with merely architects or interior designers, but the entire design fraternity be it the glamour and fashion world or be it a graphic designer. The sole reason behind this...